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The # 1 for Audi Facelift modifications in the middle of the Ruhr area

We will tie up your own personal needs.

We do not need more than seven days for the facelift conversion, after careful consideration. Therefore, we prefer the personal preliminary talk here in Bochum in order to get to know your vehicle.

Only new/ original parts are used.

Facelift modifications are possible on the following vehicles:

vehicle type price
Audi A4 B8 Limousine & Avant from 6.500€ VAT included
Audi A5 8T Coupe, Cabrio, Sportback from 5.500€ VAT included
Audi Q5 8R from 4.000€ VAT included
Audi R8 from 11.000€ VAT included

1 Facelift R8     2 Facelift R83 Facelift R8     4 Facelift R8

The varnishes are exclusively made by professionals of our partner paint shop in Bochum. The body parts are not pre-painted, but directly on the vehicle.

Facelist A4 Umbau 1     Facelift A4 Umbau 2

You do not know where to put your old parts?

We would like to take care of it! For a commission, we pose your old parts on the internet, the eBay stress is cleared off one’s desk. We always keep in touch with you, in case of price proposals come on for your old parts.

Facelift A5 Coupe Umbau 1     Facelift A5 Coupe Umbau 2

Facelift A5 Heck Umbau     Facelift A5 Heck Umbau 2

You live far away and trust our ability?

Since you can not be part of the complete reconstruction, it is also possible to park the vehicle some days before the appointment. An onward journey by train is possible via the well-connected station in Bochum or we can help you to arrange a rental car. We can also help you looking for a hotel room. Enjoy the hospitality of the city of Bochum during your waiting period. The Bergbaumuseum, the Planetarium, Starlight Express or our entertainment mile so called "Bermuda Dreieck" shorten your waiting period. You can explore the city for three days, without stress and your vehicle will be available for you on the day of departure.

Facelift A5 Sportback Umbau 1     Facelift A5 Sportback Umbau 2

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